Black Bart Neighborhood South Lake Tahoe

This neighborhood was named after a notorious Wells Fargo Stagecoach robber, Black Bart.  Black Bart was an English-born American West Outlaw best remembered for leaving poetic messages after two of his robberies.  Known as a gentleman bandit, Black Bart was responsible for robbing 28 Wells Fargo Stages in Northern California and Southern Oregon during the 1870’s and 1880’s.  Historians claim he was scared to death of horses, always acted gentlemanly, and never fired a shot. This small... Read more »

Bijou 1 & 2

The Bijou neighborhoods are among the most centrally located for South Lake Tahoe living.  They are divided into two separate areas:  Bijou 1 and Bijou 2.  Bijou 1 stretches from Highway 50 near Lakeview Commons beach to Pioneer Trail between Wildwood Blvd and Bijou Meadows near Glenwood Way.  Bijou 2 is a historic neighborhood that rests between Johnson Blvd, Al Tahoe Blvd, and Lake Tahoe Blvd.  Both are in the center of town walking or biking distance to most everything.  The Bijou area is ... Read more »

Al Tahoe

Nestled in the tall pines between the Truckee Meadow and Lake Tahoe the Al Tahoe neighborhood is a perfect location for those that enjoy the Tahoe waterfront.  For a relaxing water cruise or bird watching opportunity drop in on your stand up paddle board, kayak, or canoe on Trout Creek or the Truckee River.  Fishing season on these beautiful Lake Tahoe inlets opens on July 1st.  Stand up paddle board races are quite the scene every Wednesday night throughout the summer at Lakeview Commons Beach. ... Read more »